(Daily Tour)

We will go to Joya de Cerén, the most important archaeological discovery during last the 50 years in all Latin America, providentially preserved by nature after being buried under the ashes of a volcanic eruption. It is known as the Pompeii of America and was declared a World heritage site by UNESCO in 1993.

Then we will go to San Andrés, a pre-Columbian ceremonial centre where we will be able to view several semi-uncovered structures (pyramids) and visit the museum of the site. We continue our tour towards the colonial city of Santa Ana to visit its historical centre, where we will be able to appreciate the gothic-style cathedral and the National Palace, constructed at the end of 19th century and where the City Hall of Santa Ana and the Theatre are currently located.
Later we will go to Chalchuapa, to visit the archaeological sites of Tazumal and Casa Blanca where we will learn about the history of the inhabitants and will have the opportunity to see in the site museums the artefacts found during excavations.