(Daily Tour)

Departure from the hotel at 6:30 a.m, this adventure will take us to the Department of Ahuachapán where El Impossible National Park is located (110 kms to the west of San Salvador).

El Impossible is part of the mountain range of Apaneca – Ilamatepec. Today we will visit the Mulo viewpoint and will then descend towards the heart of the park to see the stone carvings of the Sealed Stone. In the middle of the forest we will bathe in pools of crystalline water that form in the Venado River.

We will explore the protected natural area with the greatest bio- diversity that exists in the country and a refuge of species that are in danger of extinction world-wide. The forest is called El Impossible, due to its difficult access by means of a winding passage through the mountains. It has a greater diversity of tree species than any other forest of El Salvador. In addition, some species of its fauna are not found anywhere else in the country. Amongst the fauna present are eagles, great curassows, pumas, little spotted cats, anteaters and rattlesnakes.

The walk within the park lasts approximately 5 hours.