(7 days / 6 nights from/to San Pedro Sula)


Day 1: San Pedro Sula – Omoa – San Pedro Sula

In the morning we transfer to the Caribbean village of Omoa, which is one of the oldest towns in Honduras. We visit the historical San Fernando Fortress built by the Spaniards during the 18th century. From the late 16th century the Central American coast was under Spanish rule and coastal towns and ships became the target of pirate attacks. Over the years and the increased losses, the Spanish Crown saw the need for a strong defense system to protect the ports, its people and ships laden with valuable goods. The fortress offers a magnificent view of the bay and the Merendón mountain range. The rest of the day is left free to enjoy the beach and sea or visit one of the small restaurants with excellent fish and seafood. We return to San Pedro Sula late in the afternoon. Overnight in San Pedro Sula.

Day 2: San Pedro Sula – Copán Ruinas

In the morning a Mesoamerica representative meets you at your hotel to transfer and assist you to the direct service bus to Copán. On your way to Copán you travel through beautiful countryside. The transfer to Copán, located at the extreme west of Honduras next to the Guatemalan border, takes about three hours. Your hotel is located in the centre of the town, only a short walk from the direct bus terminal. Of course you can also take a taxi. In the afternoon you could visit the little museum in the centre of the town, where you can find unique and original pieces from the archaeological park. There is also time to enjoy and explore the picturesque village of Copán. The numerous small shops and stalls offer all kinds of handcrafts as well as excellent coffee, which is produced in this area. 2 overnights in Copán.

Day 3: Copán Ruinas

Today you have the option to visit the ruins of Copán, which are located a 30 minutes walk from Copán. You can hire the services of a local guide or enjoy the site on your own with the help of the many information brochures. Apart from Tikal, Copán is recognized as one of the best excavated archeological sites. Although Copán was much smaller than Tikal, it stood out due to its artistry. Learn about the impressive 63-step stairway with more than 2,500 hieroglyphs and masterfully carved stelae. By now it is the longest Maya text that has been discovered. Other activities are available for your enjoyment as well. There are for example a bird reserve that cares for rescued and endangered birds of the American tropics, an enchanted butterfly garden and hot springs in the midst of nature.

Day 4: Copán Ruinas – San Pedro Sula – Lancetilla – Tela

After breakfast you take the direct bus back to San Pedro Sula, where your guide meets you. Together you transfer to Tela, a small port at the Caribbean coast. En route we visit one of the worldwide largest Botanical Gardens. The Park of Lancetilla offers an incomparable blaze of colors and shapes of agricultural crops and ornamental plants. Due to its diversity of plants, Lancetilla is home or temporal host for more than 300 bird species, among them parrots, toucans, humming-birds, kingfishers and many more. The United Fruit Company founded these gardens more than 80 years ago as an experimental botanical site. Admire the long rows of majestic royal palms, the orchid garden and the natural reserve with a beautiful 1,200 hectares of virgin tropical rainforest that make up this wonderful natural area. 3 overnights in Tela.

Day 5: Punta Sal National Park

In the early morning we leave by boat to explore the impressive rock formations of Punta Sal. Law protects some 800 km² composed of tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps, coastal wetlands, lagoons, rivers, canals, rocky and sand coast lines and a reef just offshore that is part of the second largest reef in the world. We visit the sheltered little bays, well hidden among the rocks, with palm fringed beaches and blue lagoons. We take a brief forest hike and relax on the beach or swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water. Explore the interesting marine life of the world’s second largest coral reef, which comes close to the shore at Punta Sal. In the afternoon we return to Tela. There is time to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in Tela and its sandy beaches.

Day 6: Tela

Today is left free to soak up the atmosphere of Tela and to relax in the sun, sand and sea. Extra activities can be organized at an additional price. Tela is famous for its history as a banana emporium. Since the late 19th century Honduras’ economy was based on the cultivation and production of bananas. In 1914 Tela became an important port as headquarters of the Tela Railroad Company, a subsidiary of the United Fruit Company. Nowadays Tela is famous for its beaches and the beauty of its protected areas. Furthermore it has an enormous wealth, represented in the Garifuna people. Their language, dance and music are part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Among Tela’s protected areas are not only Punta Sal and Lancetilla, but also Punta Izopo National Park and Texiguat Wildlife Refuge.

Day 7: Tela – San Pedro Sula / La Ceiba

At your convenient time you are transferred back to San Pedro Sula for your international departing flight. You may also chose a free transport to La Ceiba airport or the ferry station in order to extend your stay on the Bay Islands. 50 km in front of the Atlantic coast of Honduras these Caribbean islands are situated amidst the second largest coral reef worldwide. The diving or snorkel adventure starts just beneath the water surface of the calm crystal clear sea. On dreamlike white beaches you will be treated with pure recreation and relaxation.