(Daily Tour)

We will visit the town of Perquín, a settlement founded by Lenca tribes long before the colonial era. In Lenca language Perquin means “Way of ignited coals” since for a long time they used flints to make fire. Here we will visit the Museum of the Revolution, where we will learn the history and causes of the armed conflict in El Salvador. Then we will walk towards the hill of Perquín, where we will have a beautiful view of the zone of Nahuaterique (border zone with Honduras). We will visit a former guerrilla camp and the “tatús” that during the war were bunkers used by the guerrillas to protect themselves from aerial bombardment.

Then between the towns of Perquín and Arambala we will visit the famous River Sapo, which is one of the few non-contaminated water courses in the country, named after its emerald green color. The river makes its way through seemingly endless rock formations underneath the leafy vegetation that distinguishes the northern part of Morazán.

Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
It is necessary to sleep 1 night in Perquín.