(Daily Tour)

Durin this tour We will pass by colonial churches that date from the 17th and 18th centuries, visiting the city of Izalco, historically important since pre-Columbian times. Nahuizalco is known for its wicker handicrafts. After passing the city of Juayua that in Nahuatl means “River of Purple Orchids”, we will go to a pretty and magical place, Apaneca, more than 1500 meters above sea level, with beautiful panoramic mountain views, hills and a calm and colorful atmosphere. Enjoy walks along footpaths where you can appreciate the different stages of cultivation and varieties of coffee plants, receiving as you go an explanation of the labor and processes that are involved, from a grain of coffee right up until the stage when a delicious cup of the re-animating drink is obtained.

There is an archaeological site in the mountains, where the Mayans worshipped their Gods. This site has three Mayan monuments, called Gordiflones, dated from 600 BC.
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